about gangtend

About Gangteng

Ningbo Golden Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is established since 1998 and is located in the Ningbo Beilun High Precision Mold Industrial Park. We specialized in making precision mold and plastic component.

Ningbo Golden Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is equipped with a complete CAD/CAM/CAE systems which are fully networked with UG, Mastercam, Powermill and etc. We have strong team members in engineering design, manufacturing and management. We have long experience to deal with US, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia and etc. The factory already accredited with IS/TS16949:2009.

The company's main business items:

  • Automotive interior and exterior parts, tools

  • Electronic appliances

  • Manufacturing of high-precision plastic molds

  • Product injection and finished product assembly

products center

Product Center

  • Our injection molding equipment

    The company has more than 20 injection molding machines of various models from 100T to 1000T, mold trial and injection molding production is more convenient and faster, strict quality control system and excellent craftsmen provide the necessary quality assurance for our mold and injection molding production capacity.

  • Mold making

    The company has a team of energetic mold engineers, rich experience in mold making, dedicated to work, team spirit and sense of responsibility. For the production of mold matching, the company has introduced 100T and 250T high-precision mold clamping equipment to improve mold production efficiency.

  • Quality Assurance Service

    The company has cultivated a qualified quality management team and successfully passed the ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification. Quality control follows the principle of full participation. The improvement of employees’ quality awareness and quality control skills training are the focus of the company’s management work.

  • Product mold customization service

    The company's design and R&D team has rich mold design experience and design concepts, and can customize molds according to the needs of customers' products, so as to provide customers with more suitable and more humane solutions and guarantee the quality of molds.